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Alaska, a land renowned for its majestic landscapes, also hides a captivating underwater realm waiting to be explored. Beneath the waves, you’ll have the chance to see marine life and diverse ecosystems up close. At Snorkel Alaska, we offer you a window into this world, revealing the hidden treasures of the Alaskan waters. Dive in with us and discover the marine wonders that make our tours truly unparalleled.

Education Meets Exploration

Snorkeling isn’t just about the visual spectacle; it’s about understanding the intricate relationships beneath the waves. Our dedicated guides are not only trained in safety and snorkeling techniques but are also well-versed in marine biology and the delicate ecosystems of Alaska. During your tour, they’ll provide informative insights, highlighting the symbiotic relationships, behaviors, and unique adaptations of the creatures you encounter. Dive with us, and you’ll leave with not only beautiful memories but also a deeper appreciation and understanding of Alaska’s underwater world.

Vibrant Marine Life

Alaska’s underwater world is teeming with life, and with us, you get a front-row seat to this spectacle. From multicolored sea stars, curious fish, and humpback whales, to the gentle glide of sea cucumbers, every dive is a new discovery. The underwater kelp forests offer a mesmerizing backdrop, hosting numerous creatures in its intricate web.

Kelp Forests

One of the underwater marvels of Alaska is its dense kelp forests. These giant seaweeds rise from the ocean floor and stretch toward the surface, creating an underwater jungle. Home to an array of marine species, they provide food, shelter, and even nursery grounds for many creatures.

Diverse Ecosystem

The clear waters of Mountain Point house diverse habitats, from shallow tide pools brimming with tiny critters to deep underwater rock walls where more elusive species hide. Each zone is a universe unto itself, offering different sights and experiences. 

Majestic Invertebrates

Alaska’s cold waters are perfect for invertebrates. Spot the spiny sea urchins, large crabs, the playful antics of octopuses, or the soft, flowing anemones anchored to rocks. The giant sunflower star, one of the largest starfish in the world, might also make a grand appearance.

Colorful Fish Varieties 

While the marine mammals often steal the show in Alaskan waters, the variety and colors of the fish are equally enchanting. From schools of tiny baitfish to larger, more solitary species, there’s no telling what might swim by during your underwater adventure.

Natural Underwater Landscapes

It’s not just about the creatures. The natural underwater landscapes of Alaska, with their rocky outcrops, sand patches, and natural formations, are equally mesmerizing. The play of light through water on these surfaces creates a dreamy atmosphere.


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