Safety Procedures at Snorkel Alaska

Our Commitment to Your Safety 

At Snorkel Alaska, we believe that an unforgettable underwater adventure goes hand in hand with safety. We’re committed to ensuring that every guest experiences the wonders of Alaska’s marine life with the utmost confidence and security. Here’s how we make your snorkeling adventure not only magical but safe.

Expert Crew

Safety starts with knowledgeable professionals. Our crew is not only passionate about what they do, they’re trained for it. With certifications ranging from PADI Rescue Divers to SCUBA Instructors, our crew ensures you’re in safe hands, always.

Physical Considerations

Snorkeling in Alaska is an exhilarating experience but requires a certain level of physical fitness. Our tours are rated as potentially strenuous. Participants must weigh between 80 and 260 pounds to ensure a proper wetsuit fit. Due to the physical demands, we suggest an age limit of 65, depending on individual fitness levels. If walking a mile sounds challenging, this tour might not be the best fit. Please note that we snorkel from a rocky beach, making it unsuitable for those with limited mobility.

For our younger enthusiasts, we offer wetsuits that accommodate most children aged eight and up.

Health Precautions

Your health is a priority. There are specific medical conditions that, for your safety, prevent us from allowing participation. This includes any heart conditions like murmurs, angina, pacemakers, and more. Major respiratory disorders such as bronchitis, emphysema, and even exercise-induced asthma are also on this list. Additionally, if there’s a history of seizures or fainting, we can’t permit snorkeling. We truly regret any inconvenience this may cause, but your well-being is paramount.

Water Temperatures

You might be surprised to hear that you can comfortably enjoy snorkeling in Alaska without feeling cold the entire time! Many of our past guests have been pleasantly surprised that they stayed warm – even if they were hesitant or scared to enter the water before embarking. 

While Alaska’s waters might be considered chilly by most standards, with temperatures reaching up to 65 degrees in mid-summer and our state-of-the-art 1/4-inch (7mm) wetsuits keep you comfortably warm, you can rest assured you’ll fully enjoy the aquatic spectacle.


Before we embark, all participants are required to sign a waiver. It’s a standard procedure that acknowledges understanding and acceptance of the risks associated with the activity.

Back-to-Ship Guarantee

Concerned about your cruise timings? We’ve got it handled. With extensive experience working with cruise lines, our tours are timed perfectly to get you back to your ship safely. On the off chance there’s a delay on our side, we cover the next steps, ensuring you never miss a beat on your journey.


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