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Embark on an unforgettable journey beneath Alaska’s waves with Snorkel Alaska. Explore vibrant marine habitats and get up close with unique undersea life, all under the guidance of our experienced experts. Dive in with confidence and satisfy your curiosity in Alaska’s pristine waters.

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Why Choose Us for Your Alaskan Snorkeling Experience?

Guaranteed Return to Ship

Your adventure with us pairs perfectly with your Alaskan adventure, whether you’re staying near Ketchikan or on a cruise. We guarantee your timely return to your ship, ensuring peace of mind throughout your excursion.

Safety First, Every Time 

Our impeccable safety record is a testament to our commitment. With a team of Professional Association of Diving Instructors Divemasters and SCUBA Instructors guiding your snorkeling experience, we bring unmatched expertise to every tour. 

All-Inclusive, Comfortable Experience

We provide all the essentials during your tour, including high-quality wet suits, snorkeling gear, hot showers, transportation, and more! Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You’ll stay toasty warm as you explore Alaska’s vibrant marine life. 

Award-Winning Snorkeling Tour 

Our snorkeling tour has been voted the season’s Shore Excursion of the Year seven times and given the Tour Guide of the Season award for eight seasons – in addition to other accolades showcasing our dedication to an unparalleled snorkeling adventure. 

Our Story

Dive Deep Into the
Snorkel Alaska Legacy

Snorkel Alaska, since its inception in 2001, has been a beacon for underwater exploration in Alaska, allowing our guests to explore the waters and wildlife within while understanding and respecting Alaska’s vast marine ecosystem. Founded by Fred Drake, a SCUBA Diving Leadership specialist, we introduced the first-ever snorkeling tour to the state.

Our Mountain Point Snorkeling Adventure was a renowned Shore Excursion with major cruise lines. However, post-pandemic, we strategically adopted a more intimate, personalized approach, sidelining cruise line commissions while upholding top-notch safety standards. 

Fred’s team, a skilled ensemble of Professional Association of Diving Instructors Rescue Divers, Divemasters, and Instructors, has welcomed over 50,000 guests to the Alaskan depths. Our accolades, including the ‘Shore Excursion of the Season’ from Princess Cruises seven times in ten seasons, the ‘Tour Guide of the Season’ eight times, and the 2009 Excellence in Tourism Award, underline our above and beyond service. 

Today, Snorkel Alaska offers an all-inclusive, fully guided snorkeling excursion experience. Whether you’re an independent traveler, a local, or a cruise ship tourist, we invite you to dive deep, learn abundantly, and appreciate Alaska’s breathtaking marine world with us. 

Our Founder

Meet Snorkel Alaska’s Founder Fred Drake  

Fred Drake started SCUBA diving on a family trip to Bermuda in 1978. Two years later he was certified as a PADI Open Water Diver by Bermuda diving legend, Dave McCleod.  He continued diving in Bermuda on the annual family trips but also dove into the cold waters of Long Island Sound near his hometown of Fairfield, CT.  In 1983 Fred headed west to attend Humboldt State University in Northern Californing where he continued his diving education along with obtaining a degree in Recreation Administration.  Shortly after graduating he was certified as a Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Open Water SCUBA Instructor.

His next career move was to join Norwegian Cruise Lines Dive In Program.  NCL’s signature snorkeling program staffed all NCL ships with PADI Dive Instructors to lead snorkeling tours in all the ports of call.  The Divers were also part of the Cruise Directors helping to entertain guests on board.  

After soaking in seven years of life on the seas and a brief tenure as the Division Manager of Gray Line of Alaska, Fred’s vision materialized with the inception of Snorkel Alaska in 2001. A testament to his dedication, he was honored as Ketchikan’s Tour Guide of the Year by Princess Cruises’ guests in the very same year. Fred continues to run and operate Snorkel Alaska, sharing his passion for the water and all things outdoors.

Meet the Team

Our Snorkeling Instructors & Tour Guides

Behind every unparalleled snorkeling experience at Snorkel Alaska stands our dedicated team. With extensive knowledge, unmatched expertise, and unwavering passion for marine adventures, each member boasts top-tier credentials in the world of diving. With a collective experience spanning decades, our Professional Association of Diving Instructors-certified Divemasters and SCUBA Instructors ensure every dive is both safe and unforgettable.

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