Scubapro masks and snorkels at Snorkel Alaska in Ketchikan

Scubapro Masks & Snorkels

Snorkel Alaska spares no expense when it comes to purchasing the snorkeling equipment you will use on our tour.  Having the best equipment makes your experience so much more enjoyable and it also makes our job easier.  We will outfit you with a great fitting mask so you are not experiencing leaks or fogging.  Comfort and fit is the key to all of our gear and our PADI Professional staff will find the best fit for you.  We have a variety of sizes and styles of masks to fit the many different shapes of faces.  The best way to size a mask is to place it up to your face and give a little sniff.  If it sticks, it fits!  We also have prescription masks in 8 different strengths for those of you who wear eye glasses.  Or contact lenses can be worn for a perfect match to your prescription.  If you don’t wear contacts then we have you covered.  We also have masks that work best with a mustache.  Since hair causes your mask to leak a mustache can result in a leaky mask.  We have a variety of masks that work with mustaches, including purge valve masks that have a built in drain.  A little vaseline applied to the mustache also helps reduce leaks.  Of course you are more than welcome to use any of your own equipment on our tour.